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Henri Wintermans Cafe Creme

Made in: The Netherlands

Henri Wintermans is the brand millions of smokers around the world would choose if asked to name the first cigarillo that sprang to their minds. Since the early 1900s the Dutch firm has been blending the finest tobacco leaves from as far as Cuba, Colombia, and Indonesia to create small cigars that offer a quick smoking experience enriched by an abundance of aromas and flavors. With items ranging from Café Crème - the world's most popular cigarillo - and its kin varieties (the Café Crème Mild, Arôme and Filter Arôme) to the denser, darker Corona or Half Corona brands, we have assembled the cream of Henri Wintermans' crop to ensure your cigarillo-on-the-go is of unparalleled quality.

Henri Wintermans Cafe Creme (5 packs x 20)

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