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Who is Online Tobacco?

We bring you the absolute best prices on the largest selection of leading Duty Free items you will find anywhere on the web, or retail. When you buy through us, you get the best luxury products, backed by attentive customer service, on call whenever you need them. Our #1 goal is to make our customers happy!

Why choose duty free?

Duty free buying gives you the best deals going! More affordable than retail, with all the best retail products, you can choose from all your favorite brands at a fraction of the retail cost.

Are these products the real thing?

Yes. Every item we sell is a100% genuine original, from the manufacturer.

How can you offer tobacco and alcohol items at such great prices?

Tax free sales mean that you do not pay state, federal or excise tax – this translates into affordable brand name items at a fraction of the price you would pay retail! Additionally, all our products are purchased in bulk, making it possible for us to offer you truly amazing prices you won't find elsewhere!

What do you charge for tobacco shipments?

We ship all tobacco, cigarette and cigar items for FREE!

What is the benefit to buying via your website instead of at local convenience store or tobacco shops?

Why drag yourself to the store when you can order all your favorite brand names right from the convenience of your own home? Winston, Newport, Pall Mall and others are some of the popular cigarette lines we carry. All cigarette, cigar and tobacco items are delivered for FREE.

Is selling tobacco and alcohol online actually legal?

Yes, it is. Additionally, all the items we sell are genuine, trademarked, and straight from the manufacturer. We follow all international postal regulations and standards, and only sell to buyers over 18-21 years of age (depending upon the state).

What are the minimum or maximum limits cigarette, cigar or tobacco purchases?

There are no minimum or maximum purchase amounts. It is important to know the customs regulations in your country, as there may be additional customs taxes.

Are there harmful chemicals like carcinogens, smoke or tar in your e-cigarettes?

Our e-cigarette models contain only smell-free, water-based vapor.

What are the benefits of the electronic cigarette?

Everyone knows the health risks of a tobacco cigarette. E-cigarettes offer a harmless smoking substitute, helping many people effectively quit smoking tobacco. With an e-cigarette, smokers can light up anyplace, anytime.

What is the significance in the fact that the e-cigarettes are nicotine-free?

According to the World Health Organization, e-cigarettes are an acceptable form of nicotine replacement therapy. Lacking the nicotine that makes cigarettes addictive to most smokers, e-cigarettes are an ideal substitute.

What goes on inside an electronic cigarette?

After charging via a USB battery, e-cigarettes can be sucked, giving the sensation of smoking. The process of inhaling (sucking) is detected by the e-cigarette. This, in turn, brings the e-cigarette's lithium ion battery to life. An atomizer then charges and heats up, vaporizing the liquid solution within the e-cigarette mouthpiece.

If I get my order and I am requested to pay duty tax, can I refuse and return it for a refund?

Yes. In such a case, if you choose not to pay the duty tax and accept the order, you can reject the parcel and have it returned to us. We will return you the value of the refused packages.

Do you share buyer information with any other parties?

No, all customer information is strictly confidential and used only in the sales process. We do not share your details with any other parties.

Why is a nicotine-free e-cigarette better than a tobacco cigarette?

Everyone is aware of the health hazards and addictive qualities accompanying the use of tobacco. Thus it should come as little surprise that the World Health Organization has labeled e-cigarettes an effective form of nicotine replacement therapy.

Are there laws governing the shipment of fragrances / cosmetic items via international post?

Yes, there are international standards of size and weight which must be followed.

How can I follow my order status?

We send you a confirmation e-mail once your order is received. A tracking number is provided in this mail.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the major credit cards; E-Check; and bank wire transfers

What about charge backs?

Charge backs are not accepted under any circumstances. We will resend or reship problematic orders. If a charge back is threatened, the customer will be banned from making future purchases on the site. We will also give their credit card information to processing agencies.

How long does it take to receive an order?

Delivery can take between 10-21 days, not counting weekends and holidays.

How much does shipment and delivery cost?

These costs are figured into your total charges. Note that all cigarette, cigar and tobacco items are delivered entirely FREE of charge

How are the items I order shipped?

We deliver by registered mail. This means you are required to sign for delivery.

I ordered multiple items, but my shipment arrived containing only one item. Where are the rest?

When multiple items are ordered, we send them in more than one package. This avoids duty taxes which may be charged on shipments larger than accepted international parameters. It can take up to ten business days for all packages to be delivered

What happens if they add a duty tax when I go to pick up the order?

If this happens (though it is unlikely), you have two choices: Pay the tax and your order will be released. Refuse the delivery. Once the package returns to our warehouse, you will be sent a complete refund.

Why have you not replied to the e-mail that I sent?

We reply to every e-mail that we receive. If you do not receive a reply after filling out the Contact Us form, verify that your ISP / e-mail client are not blocking the emails we send.